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For help with Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, visit our help portal at:

For all other TinyCo titles, please use the navigation to the left.

Tam-Anh November 5, 2013 10 Game-specific Help / Tiny Castle Help

This is a very rare known issue, and our engineers continue working on fixing it in a definitive way.

However, there are many things you can do to workaround this bug:

1- First, make sure to note of your playerID (displayed in the Help screen) to ensure your progress can be recovered in case something goes wrong.
2- Uninstall the game
3- Install it again
4- Reboot your device
5- Launch your game and let it run on its own for fifteen minutes - Make sure your device isn't set to sleep mode!
6- Try to banish your minions now.

Let us know if you still have problems with this, and we'll investigate further.

Tam-Anh November 5, 2013 33 Game-specific Help / Tiny Castle Help

We can transfer your game over for you. This same process works if you suddenly lost your game progress on your current device. Please send us a support ticket with the following information and we'll be happy to complete this transfer (or game restoration) for you.

  • Your old PlayerID. Your PlayerID was located in your in-game FAQ. Tap on the Market > Wrench Icon > Help from within the app. At the top you'll see: "PlayerID: [string of letters and numbers]"
  • If your game was attached to your Facebook account, send us your Facebook profile URL. It should read:
  • If you had set up a Kingdom name, send us your old kingdom name.

Once you have one of the above pieces of information for your old game, send it to us along with the following:

  • Confirmation of what level your old game was on (this will ensure we're transferring or restoring the correct game)
  • Your new PlayerID. When you updated, it is possible that you got a new PlayerID. We will need this to ensure we're restoring your game to the correct newly updated version. Again, you can find your PlayerID by tapping on the Market > Wrench Icon > Help from within the app. At the top you'll see: "PlayerID: [string of letters and numbers]"

Copy and paste that into an email for us. Thank you for your patience!

Tam-Anh October 30, 2013 18 Game-specific Help / Tiny Monsters Help

If the quest is not clearing, it means you are missing a part of the quest. Please read the quest instructions carefully and check the following to ensure your quest will clear: 

  • Are all required monsters out in their habitats? Monsters in the Hall of Champions will not register toward a quest. 
  • Are you breeding or feeding the correct monster? For example, make sure you're leveling up a Sun HYBRID and not just a sun monster.
  • Did you complete the action after the quest appeared in your game? 
  • Did you tap on the "Complete now" button to collect your reward? This will clear the quest from your list. 

For example, if a quest requires you to breed a Flower monster and you already had one before, this will not count. You will need to breed and hatch a new Flower monster AFTER the quest asked you to do so for it to register. 

We're unable to reveal how to complete the quests, but there are many resources available for help. For more tips and hints from fellow players, please join the discussion on the Tiny Monsters Facebook Fan Page. 

The players on the Fan Page have a wealth of information they're more than happy to share. If you're certain you should've cleared the quest, please send us a support ticket and we'll be happy to investigate further!

Tam-Anh October 30, 2013 11 Game-specific Help / Tiny Monsters Help

Tiny Social is currently only available on iOS and Android devices. At this moment, Kindle devices do not have the technology to support Tiny Social until the next updates. Until then, referrals will only work on other iOS and Android devices that are operating on the latest 2.3 Tiny Social update. Referrals to Kindle players will NOT count at this time. Sorry for any confusion this may cause! 

Also, an important note for email referrals. Once your referral downloads the game, they will need to go back to the original link you sent them and tap on the "Collect Reward" button to register the referral for the both of you. If you sent an email referral and it did not work, please ask your friend to follow these steps to get your Unity monster! 

When you refer a friend, please make sure you've received the "Referral Accepted" message and your friend has received the "Success!" message. This confirms your referral has registered in both your games. 

If you're certain your referral should have registered, please send in a support ticket with the following information: 

- your TinyID
- the TinyID or IMEI of your friend(s) you're trying to refer
- which referral method you used (email, SMS or Facebook) 

Thank you for your patience!